Top Rated Carpet Cleaner in Sarasota Fl

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  • CARPET CLEANING. Rotary Triple Action Extraction or Manual Wand. Our NO RESIDUE carpet cleaning system extracts dirt, removes stains, eliminates common household carpet odors and refreshes color. Leaves your carpet looking and feeling like new again.
  • UPHOLSTERY CLEANING. USING MOISTURE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY to attain maximum results and a very fastest dry time. Our Upholstery Cleaning System is specifically designed for cleaning delicate upholstery, small fabric pieces and Mattresses.
  • AREA RUG CLEANING. We clean your large area rugs the same way we clean your carpets. Pre-treat, Gentle Agitation, followed by a Clear Hot Water Rinse and Extraction. However, we strongly recommend that you send your high dollar Heirloom, Oriental or Persian rugs OUT to be cleaned. Ask for a referral.
  • MATTRESS CLEANING.  Monsters are not under your bed ..... they are IN your mattress! Under your clean sheets lurk unwanted pests (mites, scabies, lice, bed bugs) numbering into the MILLIONS! If you sleep with a pet they might be inviting fleas, ticks, roundworm, and hookworm to the slumber party. 
  • PET TREATMENT. (FOR PETS AND PEOPLE) For homes with Pet and People Accidents.       ​ Fast-acting, Bio-Assisted Enzymes added to the pre-cleaner attack feces, urine and other bodily fluids. Essentially eating up their odors.
  • ​CARPET DEODORIZING. Anyone that has chopped onions or garlic knows that washing will get your hands clean, but will not remove odors. It’s the same with your carpet. The addition of Ultra Clean’s Deodorizer with the pre-cleaner will drastically help to neutralize smoking, cooking and other household odors.
  • CARPET PROTECTOR. Re-applying the protector after cleaning helps to Protect your investment as well as the warranty. Your carpets will stay cleaner, brighter and fresher longer.