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Safe Eco-Friendly CARPET CLEANING in Sarasota

Pet Friendly, Non-toxic, Professional Carpet Cleaning 
Since 1984  in Sarasota - Manatee Counties


​Most Carpets Dry within 3 to 5 hours... Not DAYS


The Absolute Finest In Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

No Tricks or Gimmicks.  Just Old-fashioned Workmanship at a Fair Price.

Owner-operated since 1984.



Amazing Rotary TRIPLE-action extraction  process!

Don't Risk BARGAIN Carpet Cleaners.
If you are particular and seek HIGH QUALITY, you will appreciate us!

Ultra Clean provides a Deep Restorative Cleaning that uses Safe Non-toxic Cleaning agents. The Fast Drying Extraction Process uses Triple Action Extraction technology that pulls out Dirt, Allergens and Toxic Residues that can cause a host of respiratory issues in Children, Adults and Pets. It greatly improves the indoor air quality and since the agents are 100% biodegradable, they are easy on our environment.

Ultra clean forresidue-free cleaning

$35.00 A Room or Area ( Roughly  a 10' x 12'  room) 

Perfect for homes with small Children, Pets Or Heavy Soiling Issues​​

  • PRE-CLEANING INSPECTION: You are informed of  anticipated cleaning results and any potential problems,  as well as the price.
  • THOROUGH PROFESSIONAL VACUUMING: (as needed) using a Royal Heavy Duty Commercial Vacuum, the BEST in the industry! 
  •  PRE-CONDITIONING: Carpets are sprayed with specially formulated cleaning agents to gently and safely release soils prior to the rinsing and extraction cycle.
  • PRE-AGITATION: When needed the Pre-Conditioner is brushed into Carpet, further assisting the release of soils before the cleaning process.
  • CLASSIC MANUAL WAND CLEANING: Recommended for Light to Moderately Soiled Carpets. Our Classic, professionally recognized carpet cleaning system extracts dirt, removes most stains, eliminates Common Household carpet odors, and refreshes color. Leaves your carpet looking and feeling like new again. 
  • TRIPLE-ACTION EXTRACTION CLEANING: Injection / Agitation / Extraction! Recommended for Berbers and Heavily Soiled Carpets. A much Deeper & Drier Cleaning than ANY Other Method. Cleans all sides of the carpet fibers several times a second. Then whisks the dirt and moisture from the carpet base to the surface where it is easily extracted. 
  • Bio-Enzyme Treatment: For Pet / People Accidents: Fast-acting Enzyme Action attacks urine, organic matter, feces, blood, saliva and more. Essentially eats up their stains and odors.
  • Deodorizer: Helps to neutralize smoking, cooking, and other normal household odors.
  • Stain & Soil Protector: Carpets and upholstery are treated with a Soil and Stain Blocking Agent during the cleaning process, imparting deep down stain resistance properties to each individual fiber. 

​​There are several Carpet Cleaning Companies around but for the BEST Carpet Cleaning      in Sarasota CALL Ultra Clean in Sarasota!