Hi, I'm Bill Lapham. For over four decades I have been a professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner.
I started cleaning carpets at the ripe old age of 18. For nine years I worked part-time at successful carpet cleaning companies in Garden City, Michigan and then Sarasota, Florida where I now reside. I learned many of the ins and outs of the trade, which gave me a huge jump-start on starting my own business. During the first three years in business for myself, I supplemented my income by working part-time nights for a large cleaning company as their carpet cleaner.  This turned out to be a very valuable experience for me. I was exposed to all types of cleaning methods due to their clients' budget restraints.

When I started my own business my goal from the beginning was simple; provide my customers with the absolute best quality carpet & upholstery cleaning experience they have ever had. That was too long for a name, so I called my business ULTRA CLEAN. How did I set out to accomplish this goal? Through Continuing Education, Top-notch Equipment, Premium Cleaners, Dedication to both my trade and customers, and Old-fashioned values.

Thirty-plus years of owning  and operating a  business is a big chunk of one's life.  I'm the guy who picks up the phone when you call. I'm the guy who cleans your carpets, upholstery, mattresses, etc. The guy who does the office work, vehicle and equipment maintenance. At times I feel more like a doctor on call  than a carpet cleaner with a cushy 9-5 job. It is not unheard of for me to get an emergency call during dinner or when playing fetch with my dog, Annabelle. Mrs. So-and-So's dog has gotten sick all over the living room carpet. Needed ASAP! Dinner can wait. Annabelle will understand. 

This is what I do for my customers. Your continued business along with referrals to family and friends is what you give back to me. Thank you!  


Bill Lapham

Owner-operator of Ultra Clean since 1984

Pet Friendly Carpet, Mattress And Upholstery Cleaning In Sarasota

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