Ultra Clean FREE RINSE cleaning products are designed to safely dissolve, break down, and remove the detergents, shampoos, and soil build up that cause rapid re-soiling. We effectively eliminate the soapy, sticky residues that are left behind from over the counter cleaners and previous cleaners. 

“No Residual” left behind  Cleaning

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“No Residue” left behind  Cleaning

What is “No Residue” left behind Cleaning? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. There is NO RESIDUE left behind.

How is this accomplished? It's simple. We CLEAR WATER RINSE the items being cleaned. Most carpet cleaners rinse out your carpet or upholstery with an emulsifying cleaning agent IN the rinse water, leaving behind dirt-attracting residue. 

Would you wash your clothes, car or hair and NOT thoroughly RINSE with Clean, Clear, Fresh water? I think not.

At Ultra Clean we apply the industries' absolute Safest, Non-toxic cleaning agents FIRST, then RINSE it out using CHEMICAL FREE HOT, CLEAR, WATER, leaving behind Zero Residue to attract dirt.

​Your Carpets, Rugs, Mattresses and Upholstery will be left feeling soft to the touch, and stay cleaner longer.